Hi, we are the guys from SmaHug (read: sm-a-ug, like smug with a in the middle)

We believe in making the world better through hugs, coffees and beers.

SmaHug is a completely free to use virtual gifting platform. We do not take any platform fees.

You may be a musician, performer, doctor, part of some cause, a passionate individual or just ordinary individuals like us.

Your smahug page will allow fans, family and friends or even strangers send you support through a hug, coffee or beer.

There's no need for downloads or signups, everyone and anyone can send you their support in 3 easy clicks.

Click here you'd like a hug/coffee/beer to friend

With a profile page like this one, supporters can send you their support anytime from any place. You can create one here in 3 easy steps.

If you have a feedback/feature suggestion please send it to us through a hug, coffee or beer.

Be SmaHug. Send us a hug.

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